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When you need professional catering that offers courteous and friendly service combined with delicious food, contact Camino De Guanajuato to have authentic Mexican catering at your special event! We help to make your event or business meeting successful with an appropriate atmosphere based on the type of event. Your guests will be impressed with the food and the service!

We offer several different catering menus, but you can customize your menu as well. We are affordable, with prices varying based on the number of guests. We can provide an authentic Mexican atmosphere at your event, or just provide the food; it is entirely up to you. We are flexible and our catering will work with you to make sure your event is as successful as possible!

Choose from a variety of amazing menu choices, including:

• BARBACOA – our specialty of the house a delicious red sauce cook to perfection your choice Beef or Chicken
• BIRRIA – a favorite Mexican dish in a red sauce oven baked your choice of meet beef goat or chicken.
• CHILE VERDE – A delicious dish in our specialty green tomatillo sauce your choices of meat pork chicken or beet.
• MOLE – a very traditional Mexican dish our specialty red sauce your choice of meat pork or chicken.
• FAJITAS – a very healthy and delicious dish sautéed with bellpeper tomatoas and onions your choice of meet beef or chicken


The average price of our catering is about $10 per person, but it will depend, of course, on the menu choices you make and customizations to the menu that you request. After our consultation to learn about your event and the number of guests, we will provide you with an exact cost for your party. You will never be surprised with extra hidden charges. Soft drinks are included with our catering service at no extra charge.

Call us today to book your catering event, or for more information on how we can make your event a successful one!

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